Our Purpose

Engineering Services establishes, implements, and enforces the design and construction standards for the University of Southern California. Our areas of engineering expertise include: civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, environmental, and commissioning.

Our Mission

As stewards of university assets, Engineering Services champions the integrity of an enduring infrastructure. Our experts set construction standards, establish guidelines, and recommend innovative approaches to create a safe environment in support of an enriched and inspired academic institution.

Our Vision

Through passion and collaboration, we are leaders in our field who help shape the university of tomorrow by creating a sustainable built environment for the entire Trojan community today.

Our Responsibilities

  • Coordinating with maintenance, construction, and planning units relative to engineering needs.
  • Assisting in the development of the campus infrastructure and central utilities master planning.
  • Performing design reviews of engineered systems for all projects to ensure that they conform to university standards.
  • Supporting all projects during construction from inception through all phases of the project life-cycle.
  • Assisting in trouble shooting building systems with FMS Operations & Maintenance staff.
  • Interacting with FMS customers to help them better understand MEP requirements and support systems within university buildings.


  • USC standards and preferences for typical/common USC design and construction topics.
  • Standards and preferences for quality and performance levels, administrative procedures, systems processes, systems, manufacturers, products and installation are included.
  • Go to standards and guidelines.